About Lucida Mystica

Infuse your everyday wardrobe with your spiritual Truth.

At Lucida Mystica, the esoteric blends with the supremely comfortable. We design more than just clothing; we offer outer reflections of your inner journey. Inspired by ancient wisdom and the powerful patterns of nature, our items are a celebration of the modern mystic. Each design is carefully crafted to resonate with your unique spirit, offering comfort that speaks to both body and soul. Owning a Lucida Mystica piece is where comfort unites with mystical lineage, and each purchase is a testament to your inner truth.

  • 2020

    Since our inception on Etsy in 2020, Lucida Mystica has been at the heart of a style revolution, embracing the spirits of those who walk the less-traveled path. Our cozy staples quickly found favor among the seekers and the dreamers, those who set intentions to infuse every day with the profound and the sacred. Our community cherishes not just style, but substance - clothing that honors hermetic wisdom, pagan roots, and the boldness of fringe culture. The brand weaves together comfort and the rich tapestry of esoteric life, creating pieces that are true reflections of your world and beliefs.

  • 2023

    Welcome to your online sanctuary, a space where those who walk the magical paths can feel truly seen and understood. Lucida Mystica isn’t just a store; it's a haven where every garment is designed by a kindred spirit, a fellow mystic committed to designing everyday wardrobe staples that reflect your authentic self. In increasingly uncertain times, Lucida Mystica stands as your steadfast companion. We echo the timeless wisdom of the ancients, guiding you to embrace your power amidst the chaos through carefully curated collections. Here, we speak your language, share your vision, and honor your journey towards a world where every day is an opportunity to express your truth.

Meet the Designer

Welcome! I’m Trista, the creative force of Lucida Mystica. My journey is rooted in the natural world, drawing from its organic patterns and timeless wisdom to craft designs for those who tread the mystical path.

Merging my expertise in digital design, fashion and occult practice, each piece is crafted with intention, designed to echo the ancient wisdom that guides us. In our uncertain world, I’m committed to offering you a collection that serves as a reminder of your inner strength and truth.

Your support of Lucida Mystica allows me to live a life aligned with our shared values of autonomy and creative expression.

Connecting with resonate souls like you is a true blessing, and you can expect nothing less than exceptional service here. Together, let's make every day a reflection of the magic within us.

Learn more about me and my practice on this episode of the Casual Temple Podcast

  • ★★★★★

    Every item I have ever purchased has been WONDERFUL!

    "Super cozy clothing with easy to remove tags. Will definitely be purchasing more in the future."

    - The Moonlit Maven

  • ★★★★★

    I'm a huge fan of Trista's clothing.

    "They're always designed beautifully and the quality is great. A magical delight with every order!!"

    - Shauna R.

Brand FAQs

What does Lucida Mystica mean?

It's just the phrase Lucid Mystic, with some added "a"s for that touch of intrigue and style. You can pronounce it as loo-see-da miss-ti-kuh.

In everything I do, I strive for lucidity, clarity, and the ability to see beyond the veil.

What inspires your designs?

Nature, sacred symbolism, ancient wisdom, fringe culture, rebelling against the mainstream, living authentically.

What styles of mysticism do you practice?

I don't limit myself to one system. Instead, I find context and clarity through various practices such as Hermeticism, spiritual alchemy, astrology (as a former practitioner), tarot, psychomagic, and the teachings of anthroposophists like Rudolf Steiner.

How can I stay in touch?

Scroll to the footer and join the inner circle! The email list is where I share new collections and exclusive discounts.

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